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Circadisc offer a wide variety of different disc packaging options.
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12 cm Disc Packaging - Spiders, Fixers and sticky backed plastic sleeves

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Standard jewel case
Standard White Foam dot
A white foam 'dot' that with adhesive on the underside, enabling it to stick to a variety of different surfaces. The Foam dot can hold a CD or DVD via the central hole when the disc is pushed onto the foam dot. A cost effective way to attached discs to a brochure.  The foam dot is commonly available in black or white - other colours are available as a special order.
Approximate dimensions are 16mm diameter (compressed to 15mm when holding a disc), 5mm tall
Slim jewel case, clear lid, black tray
Adhesive Spider
Adhesive spiders are vacuum formed plastic hubs designed to allow a CD or DVD to 'clip' onto them via the central hole in the disc. The spider has an adhesive backing which will stick to a variety of surfaces. Available in black, white and clear.

Approximate dimensions are 30mm diameter and 3mm tall
white dvd case
Clear plastic wallet with adhesive strips
A standard CD/DVD clear plastic sleeve with the addition of two adhesive strips on the underside. The adhesive is under two red protective strips which peel off when ready to apply the sleeve to a brochure or pamphlet.  The sleeve has a tuck in flap which prevents the disc from falling out if turned upside down.

Approximate dimensions (with tuck-in flap closed) are 129mm (h) x 127mm (w)
Circadisc can now make vinyl-look CDs with an amazing groove-effect!
We use our re-transfer printer to print a fantastic finish onto these  great retro-look CDs. 
Record-style sleeves
available NOW!
Plastic wallets, Paper wallets & Record-Style Sleeve
Jewel Cases, Slimline Jewel Cases and Clamshell Cases
DVD-style cases
Hinged Tin Cases
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