Printed CD nad DVD Gallery
CD & DVD Duplication and Printing
Circadisc can supply you blank discs printed with your logo or design, for you to record onto when required
Teac P55 printer
Robotics for CD/DVD Printer
The state of the art Teac AP-55  robotics automatically loads the disc printer with up to 300 CDs / DVDs automatically

CD & DVD Printing

There are a variety of different technologies for printing on CD and DVD media.  These are the different types available:-
Inkjet printing
Used for business card CD-r printing.
The white surface is printed using standard inkjet technology which is not waterproof.
Thermal printing
Monochrome printing in black with a sharp, hardwearing and waterproof finish. Text and simple block graphics can be printed onto silver or white discs. Dithering or greyscale is not available using this method.
Thermal re-transfer printing
Top quality, glossy, scratch-resistant and waterproof finish. Full colour photos or graphics or greyscale in mono on silver or white discs. The printed image is first printed onto the underside of a clear film which is then heat-sealed onto the disc.
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inkjet printed Business Card CD
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black thermal printed silver disc
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colour thermal re-transfer printed disc
Example Printed Business Card CD
Example Thermal Printed  silver Lacquer CD
Example colour printed CD