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CD & DVD Duplication and Printing
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CD and DVD Duplication is making one or more copies of a disc onto a blank disc. The duplicated disc is usually then printed.

Replication is a different process.  A glass master is made from the master disc and this is used to 'stamp' out finished CDs or DVDs which are then typically screen-printed.   The finished disc will look very similar to a shop-bought DVD or CD. Because the glass master is unique to each master disc - this is an additional cost  (not incurred in the duplication process) - replication is only suitable for disc quantities greater than 500-1000.
Replication can take 15 working days to complete.
The pricings are subject to exchange-rate fluctuations.
Replication works out more costly than duplication for smaller quantities (varies - but roughly quantity less than 500) of discs
It is not possible to get a single sample disc before production starts
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The finished replicated disc will look very similiar to a shop-bought CD or DVD.
Where a large quantity of discs is required, the replication process works out much cheaper per disc.
A replicated disc is more compatible than a duplicated disc.  A very small number of older CD/DVD players may have trouble playing duplicated discs.
Replication benefits:-
Replication disadvantages:-
Circadisc can advise on the best process - replication or duplication - for your requirements.