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Circadisc offer a wide variety of different disc packaging options.
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12 cm Disc Packaging - Jewel Cases, Slim Jewel Cases & Clamshell cases

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Standard jewel case
A standard jewel case. Typically holding 1 disc, there are options to hold 2 or more discs as well. A front cover is held in place on the front lid, and there is provision for a rear case insert placed under the cd tray. 

Approximate dimensions are 125mm (h) x 142mm (w) x 10mm (d)
Standard Jewel Case
Please note other the black tray shown can optionally be clear or white.
Slim jewel case, clear lid, black tray
Slim Jewel Case
A slim version of the standard jewel case that is half the thickness of the standard jewel case. There is provision for a front case insert, but no provision for a rear case insert. Can hold a single disc.

Approximate dimensions are 125mm (h) x 124mm (w) x 5mm (d)
Translucent Clam Shell
A hinged translucent clam-shell style case. Normally holding a single disc, there is an option for a 2 disc clam-shell case.

Approximate dimensions are 125mm (h) x 124mm (w) x 4mm (d)
Please note other colours are also available on request
Circadisc can now make vinyl-look CDs with an amazing groove-effect!
We use our re-transfer printer to print a fantastic finish onto these  great retro-look CDs. 
Record-style sleeves
available NOW!
Plastic wallets, Paper wallets & Record-Style Sleeve
DVD-style Cases
Hinged Tin Cases
Spiders, Fixers and Adhesive Sleeves
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