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50 CD-r
Duplicated from
your master
Thermal re-transfer
print in full colour
Supplied in clear
plastic wallets
Delivered to a
UK address
only 62.50
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the difference between a white disc and a silver disc?
Both provide the background colour for your disc design or the background colour can be entirely printed over, but the silver disc gives a gloss, metallic finish. 

What is a thermal printed disc and a thermal re-transfer disc?
This refers to the printing technologies of different printers.

Thermal printing is the most economical method.
It is black print only on a shiny silver disc giving text or simple block graphics a crisp, indelible finish.
However it is unsuitable for greyscale shading or dithering and cannot print to the exact edge of the disc.

Thermal re-transfer printing is the superior finish.
Hi-resolution photos or images can be printed in full colour or full greyscale. Black is the cheaper option.
The finished disc has a stunning, glossy, water-resistant finish that can be printed right up to the edge of the disc.

How are the discs packaged?
As standard we insert each disc into a quality plastic wallet that is completely transparent with a seamed edge and an envelope flap. We can provide paper wallets, jewel cases, DVD cases or metal tins. Alternatively, we can supply the discs unpackaged on a spindle.

What is included in the prices shown?
The price guide reflects our standard service: printing as specified, duplication from your 'master' disc and insertion into clear plastic wallets. The quantity breakpoints apply to identical printing. If your requirements vary, please contact us to discuss bespoke orders.

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